Programs & Services


Summer String Institute

 A seasonal orchestra camp which offers engaging supplemental music instruction to assist young musicians in sharpening skills during the summer. The Summer String Institute also offers a summer immersion program for beginning string students. 


GMO Community Youth Orchestra

The Gateway Music Outreach Community Youth Orchestra is a performance ensemble comprised of advanced students from our Summer String Institute, year-round Community Site-based programs as well as students from local school districts. Students learn advanced classical skills while playing in a chamber music setting. Instruction occurs during rehearsals, sectionals, and private lessons on a bi-monthly basis. Students perform in 2-3 concerts each year that include but are not limited to community service performances, special events, churches, and private events.  Currently accepting enrollees for the 2019-2020 school year.


School And Community Based Programs

 Year-round instruction designed to provide quality music education to students at schools and community centers that do not offer instrumental music programs. Some of our customized courses include the following: 

African American woman teaching music

Making Music

Our Exploratory instrumental music program is offered during a 

one-week summer camp. This course can be offered as a single or multiple session workshop.



This course is a perfect mix of music and camp fun! A week long summer experience filled with exceptional music opportunities for young musicians ages 9 through 12.


Mozart Ensemble

This course is offered for children ages 5-12. Partner, small group and one-off intensive (violin, viola, and cello) lessons for students of all levels, from beginner to intermediate. This fun-filled program covers basic music reading skills, incentivized practice techniques, parent engagement and character building.


Beethoven Ensemble

This course is offered for children ages 13-17. Partner,

small group and one-off intensive (violin, viola, cello and double bass) lessons for students of all levels, from intermediate to advanced. This funfilled program covers advanced technique, scales, ensemble playing, music reading skills, parent engagement and character building.


Adopt A Musician

 The Adopt-A-Musician Program is an income-based scholarship which assists underserved youth and their parents with the costs associated with instrument rental, instrument purchase, or private instruction. The goal is to remove the financial roadblocks which deter these budding musicians from exploring the opportunities and benefits afforded via the vehicle of quality music education.